My New token blog.

Thanks for stopping in. If you haven’t been around for a while please head over to my new token blog.




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New Blog/Site/Store under construction

The new blog / site/ store is currently under construction here.

This new site will allow me to have everything in one place and a new store that should work pretty well. I will be offering an incentive to everyone who wishes to sign up at the new blog.

I’m also going to post there about new prices for my work. I hate raising prices, not becuase I under value my work, but just because I like making my work affordable to all gamers. Sometimes raising prices is just necessary to cover costs of living, and this allows me to keep making this kind of art.

Custom Tokens will now be $7.50 per token.
B/W illustrations at about a quarter page with one character $15
Color work at about a quarter page with one character $25
B/W full page illustrations will be $50-$75
Full cover full page illustration will be $100
Maps will vary based on size and complexity.

Prices are effective April first, all work submitted before then was priced with my previous costs. Prices are subject to change depending on subject and complexity.
Thanks for your understanding and continued support.



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April Activities

I will be doing a lot of crazy stuff to this blog and Immortal Nights. I hope it goes well, but if for some reason this site, both sites or the entire internet goes down it is because of me messing around. I will try to have everything back in place, or it’s new place as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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Mid March Update: Tokens

Hey everyone, it’s St. Patty’s day.
I finished a new set of modern tokens today. The set when released will have around 40 tokens of various professions. It’s really just a small sampling of the tokens I want to make, but it’s a start. More than half of these were commissioned work, some of them for a zombie game, the rest are just your average person doing their job.

I’d love to do a whole range of zombies and zombie survivors but of course like all projects it’s got to wait til I either get a commission to make them or I have the time to do my own thing.

Which brings me to the meat of this post. I’ll be taking the majority of April off. All requested work that I get now is being bumped to May. I’ve been working pretty much non-stop for the past couple years. I have not updated my website since 2007! This blog has allowed me to at least post newer things. So my goals are to revamp my site, creat a DB of people I interact with a lot and those patrons who have bought my products. I also want to get my newer work into the various VTT’s. I made close to 60 tokens in just the past month.

I hope to make a couple updates in April so please check back and if the blog is down that means I either am updating it or I screwed it up royally.

Here are some views of the modern tokens and the pig-faced orcs I made.




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February Work: Illustrations and surprise, more tokens.

February Work: Illustrations and surprise, more tokens.

Hey Everyone.
February is already filled with new work requests and March is looking to be just as busy.
I have started work on some creature illustrations for 10×10 games. It’s a nice break from the tokens and I’m pretty happy to note that I have got a bit better since the last batch I did for them. Part of that is just working at a higher resolution. The other part is having drawn a lot in the past year I was bound (hopefully) to get better. You can find out more about Conclave on their site:

The other stuff not too surprising is even more token work. I have quite a few requests in for custom work. The ones I’ll show you below are a series of historical viking warriors. I think if I can make a few viking women I can add in a viking ship and sell these as a pack. Image below.

In the Que is a new set of maps, some pig faced orcs and a healthy pack of modern characters.

Thanks for reading.

ConclaveAshGrue ConclaveEidolon ConclaveFirbolg0 ConclaveFirbolg1 ConclaveFirbolg2 ConclaveForgeborn1 ConclaveForgeborn2 ConclaveForgeborn3 ConclaveForgeborn4 ConclaveGaunt ConclaveNetherwen ConclaveNithalgand ConclaveUru1 ConclaveUru2 ConclaveUru3 ConclaveUru4 ConclaveUru5 ConclaveUru6 vikings2


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February is looking brighter.

Today I finished the Token part of my Token Kickstarter. 400 (Nell made around 70 of them) tokens in roughly 152 days, about 2.5 tokens per day. I’m not done with everything but that rather large chunk of work is now done.

During that time I also made about another 40 custom tokens, several maps and a few illustrations. Not to mention the important stuff like spending time with my wife and girls.

I should be able to post some new stuff here soon.

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The Frozen North: too long in the making

I’ve finally been kicked enough by the people who like my work that I made this my number one priority for the day.
The pack should be available in my token store and should start popping up in various Virtual Game Table apps.
I’m attaching a preview of the tokens here.


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